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Seasonal, Small-Batch Beverages

Soda CSA

Fermented & Flavorful

June – October 2021
Unique Flavors using Simple Recipes
Low-Sugar and No hidden Additives or Sweeteners
Each Product comes with Educational Materials



Wild Harvested


Responsibly Foraged


CSA Products

  • Wild Fermented Soda
  • Tibicos (Water Kefir)
  • Ginger Beer

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* Products contain small amounts of alcohol (< 1%) due to natural fermentation *

Come and get it


  • Two 16-oz Bottles (per share)
  • Twice a Month
  • Porch Pick-Up in Highland Park
    Drop-Off within 5 miles of Highland Park (for an added cost)

* We will observe safe distancing *

Cheers, Yinz!

Sliding Scale Pricing

  • $180 – $320 per Share
  • 20 Bottles over 4 Months
  • From June to October

* Please see our Practices, Policies & Pricing for more info *

Spring, Summer & Fall Flavors

Inspiration for Fermented Soda CSA

The plethora of fresh fruits and herbs during the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall months creates endless opportunities for crafting flavorful effervescence. Whether it’s shaking the mulberry trees of urban Pittsburgh, or harvesting other wild berries and herbs in the city’s outskirts, Western Pennsylvania has so much to offer. Through this CSA we can responsibly ferment the local landscape–from fields to farms–into delicious fermented beverages.

We’re really excited to share these sodas with you!

Fermentation CSA History

A Word from The Fermenter

Seven years ago I created my first fermentation CSA, composed of krauts, kimchi and kombucha. The CSA members of Western Massachusetts warmly embraced my creative expression through fermentation. Over the last decade, wild fermented sodas and bubbly tibicos (aka water kefir) have become staples in my life. Over the course of the pandemic year, I have developed new flavors. With the change of seasons and nature in bloom, I feel ready to share these delicious products with new friends. It is time. Introducing the Pittsburgh Fermented Soda CSA!

Fermentationally yours,

Trevor Ring