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January – February 2021

Beginner’s Guide to Koji & Miso

Hands-On Educational Workshop Series

Instructed by Trevor Ring & Marika Groen
12 – 2pm EST via Zoom

Saturday January 23
Introduction to Koji: How to make it at home
Tuesday January 26
Short-Term Koji Ferments: Shio Koji, Shoyu Koji, & Amazake
Saturday January 30
Introduction to Miso Making at Home
Tuesday February 2
Other Types of Miso, Amino Pastes, and what to do with them

$ 20-40 / € 15-35 for each workshop
$ 70-160 / € 55-140 for the entire series
Please ask about financial assistance if needed

Community Cultures will be donating 50% of the proceeds from this series to Studio ATAO,
a community think tank that creates content & live experiences at the intersection of food, art, technology, and social impact.

4-Part Fermentation Education Series

Schedule of Workshops

Introduction to Koji: How to make it at home  

Saturday, January 23, 2020
12 – 2pm EST / 6 – 8pm CET

with Marika

In this workshop you will explore the extraordinary world of koji (a type of mold used in the production of many fermented products, such as miso, soy sauce, and sake). Marika will guide you through the traditional Japanese techniques that can be used to grow koji at home. 

Short-Term Koji Ferments: Shio Koji, Shoyu Koji, & Amazake

TUesday, January 26
12 – 2pm EST / 6 – 8pm CET

with Trevor

The opportunities koji gives us are endless. This workshop dives into some of the incredible products that only take from 6 hours to 10 days to make. Participants will be given a shopping list and recipes beforehand to follow along and start some of the koji ferments with Trevor. 

Introduction to Miso Making at Home 

Saturday, January 30
12 – 2pm EST / 6 – 8pm CET

with Marika

Miso is an umami-rich, fermented bean paste and is one of the most satisfying and interactive ferments to make. This workshop will give you the essence, understanding, and confidence to make miso at home using traditional Japanese techniques.

Other Types of Miso, Amino Pastes, and what to do with them

Tuesday, February 2
12 – 2pm EST / 6 – 8pm CET

with Trevor

While miso is traditionally made with soybeans, many other beans, proteins, and ingredients can fill in for soybeans to create nutrient-dense, flavorful pastes. Inspired by recent published books on koji and mold-based ferments, this workshop will guide you through an assortment of unique and fun amino pastes that are easy to make.

2 Bubbly Personalities

Meet the Instructors

Instructor Marika Groen

Instructor Marika Groen (bio photo)

Marika Groen

Malica Ferments

Marika is a kojiologist, travelling brewer, photographer, writer, and the head of Malica Ferments. She was born in Japan, and is now based in Europe, where she shares philosophical and mythological aspects of koji-making through three-day “Kojiology” classes. In between instructing koji, miso, shoyu, doburoku sake, natto and a broad range of fermentation classes, she organizes an annual fermentation tour with brewery visits, field work, and wild-crafting tours.

Instructor Trevor Ring

Instructor Trevor Ring (bio photo)

Trevor Ring

Community Cultures

Trevor Ring is the founder of Community Cultures, a business that aims to bring people together and teach them the vital role that microbes play in our lives through affordable workshops. He has taught for over seven years, worked for numerous businesses, and runs various fermentation CSAs. He has also worked at South River Miso Company, where he learned about the traditional Japanese techniques of growing koji / making miso, and holds a M.A. in Food Studies and an M.B.A.