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Saturday Schedule


10 – 10:45am EST

Down-to-Earth Traditional Koji Making
with Marika

on Zoom

11 – 11:30am EST

Red Rice Wine
with Pao

on IG live

11:30am – 12pm EST

Community Scale Enterprise
with Mark Joseph Phillips

on IG live

12 – 1pm EST

Not All Koji Is Created Equal
with The #CulinAnarchist Chef Rick Porter/Sowden

on Zoom

1 – 2pm EST

Transfermentation: Embodied Processes of
Fermentation, Art, and Trans Becoming
with Sean Nash

on Zoom

2:45 – 3:30pm EST

A Conversation About Food Representation
with Chef Jenny Dorsey + Rachel Waugh
@chefjennydorsey + @museumfoodculture

on IG live

3:30 – 4pm EST

Simple Infusions to Reduce Food Waste
with Julia Skinner

on IG live

4 – 4:30pm EST

Fermented Meats:
Sour Ribs and Chops/Steaks
with Soirée-Leone

on IG live

4:30 – 5pm EST

Cultivos Iniciadores para Fermentar Bebidas
Starter Cultures for Fermenting Beverages
with Raquel Guajardo

on IG live en español

5 – 5:45pm EST

Pulque: Consumption and Production
for Self Sufficiency and Overall Health
with Gaila Kleiman

on IG live

5:45 – 6:30pm EST

Make Mead Like a Viking
with Jereme Zimmerman

on Zoom

6:30 – 7:15pm EST

Creating Fermentation Spaces in Restaurants
with Martín Russo

on IG live

7:15 – 8pm EST

The Dirt Cure
with Dr. Maya

on Zoom