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Sunday Schedule


10 – 10:30am EST

Vinagre Artesanal en Patagonia
Craft Vinegar in Patagonia
with China Müller & Ernesto Wolf

on ZOOM en español

10:30 – 11am EST

Sourdough Starter Maintenance
with Jackie Vitale

on IG live

11 – 11:30am EST

Mobile Ferment Business on Wheels
with Taylor Westbrook

on Zoom

11:30am – 12:15pm EST

Fermentation in Chinese Cuisine:
History and Use
with Lilly

on Zoom

12:15 – 1pm EST

Making Tempeh in a Restaurant
with Trevett Hooper

on Zoom

1 – 2pm EST

Fermentophone: the Music of Live Microbes
with Joshua Rosenstock

on Zoom

2:45 – 3:30pm EST

Tempe(h) and Culture:
The Story of Reculture Kitchen
with Feby

on IG Live

3:30 – 4pm EST

Baking with Sourdough Discard
with Chloe

on IG live

4 – 5pm EST

Practical Intersectionality in Ferments: Overcoming Barriers for Creative Expression in Your Ferments
with Nickawanna Shaw

on Zoom

5 – 5:45pm EST

Koji: La Llave del Sabor
Koji: The Key of Flavour
with Pedro Martinet

on IG live en español

5:45 – 6:30pm EST

Koji Alchemy: Projects, Conversation & Q+A
with Rich Shih + Jeremy Umansky
@ourcookquest + @tmgastonaut

on IG live

6:30 – 7pm EST

Creando Espacios para la Fermentación en Restaurantes
Creating Fermentation Spaces in Restaurants
with Martín Russo

on IG live en español

7 – 7:45pm EST

Journaling Your Fermentation Practice:
Find Mindfulness in Your Journey to food justice
with Mara Jane King

on IG live

7:45 – 8:15pm EST

Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine: The What & Why
with Njathi Wa Kabui

on IG live