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Oliver H. Pinder, Baker & Owner of Wild Rise Bakery

Oliver H. Pinder

Baker & Owner

“Trevor embodies the fermentation wisdom, spirit and passion of Sandor Katz and Kirsten Shockey. Single-handedly responsible for our crash-course in fermented foods and subsequent obsession with everything from sourdough to Lacto-fermented hot sauce, he started the fermentation club at Chatham University during our Masters Studies with patience, excitement, and a willingness to learn, prepare and guide by example. In so doing, he inducted many into the wider world of cultured foods one ferment at a time. Like a well-fed starter, he is always bubbling with ideas for cultures community building, a desire to sing the praise song of the SCOBY and inject the kind of wildness and creation into the process that speaks to us as Sourdough slingers. In short, he’s awesome, 100% will recommend.”