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Practices, Policies & Pricing

We recognize that historical injustice has led to an inequitable distribution of wealth and resources.
Community Cultures was founded out of a place of privilege that gives us advantages in the world,
and we seek ways to support and stand in solidarity with those who have experienced systemic oppression.

Pay-What-You-Can Pricing

We aim to offer fermentation education that is accessible and affordable for all people. Those who pay more on the scale help support those who pay less or cannot pay anything at all. By offering pay-what-you-can pricing, we trust that people will pay what they can afford and those of privilege will pay higher on the scale if possible. Consider where you fall among low-income, middle-income, and high-income, in addition to the resources you have available to you. Any amount you pay over the lower end of the sliding scale goes a long way in sustaining the instructors, scholarships and donor recipients. For more guidance on choosing a price, we encourage you to reflect on your background, income, resources and privileges.

Solidarity Pricing & Scholarship

We offer scholarships for folkx who come from marginalized communities. These scholarships are for, but not limited to, those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ , migrants, refugees, and those impacted by state violence. We do not discriminate, nor do we need proof of your background or situation. Our scholarships and pricing operate on the honor system. If you would like to use a solidarity scholarship, you may donate whatever you’d like for a workshop(s), or nothing at all. We do not hold you to anything and hope this option widens the opportunity for all people to participate in our fermentation workshops. Please email with a request for a solidarity scholarship.

No One Turned Away

The opportunity to learn, ferment and eat should be a right, not a privilege.
If you are challenged to attend a workshop given the pricing policies outlined above, we are happy to discuss alternatives.
Please be in touch.

Workshop Registration and Refunds

When you register, please be committed to attending the workshop.
Get in touch ahead of time with any questions.
We are able to refund 100% of your tuition if notified before the workshop starts.
We try our best to record and distribute our virtual workshops to all registered participants.

Canceling a Course from Low Enrollment

If our workshop is unable to run due to low enrollment, we will notify you as many days in advance as possible.
Your payment can be applied to another offering or we will refund it in full.

Inspiration for our Practices, Policies & Pricing come from Wellspring Farm and Soul Fire Farm.