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A Word From Cabbage

Dec 5, 2023 | Blog, Community Cultures Update

We listened carefully as the harvest cabbage head spoke from its core.

Hello humans!

It’s the season of harvest and preservation — don’t let us cabbage rot in the field or in your fridge! You’ve spent hundreds of years breeding vegetables to create the ideal flavors, textures, and growing requirements. Don’t waste that effort! We want to be embraced, preserved, and enjoyed into the colder months. We highly suggest teaming up with our microscopic friends (bacteria) to ferment us. Through fermentation you can enhance nutrients, predigest hardy vegetables, create vibrant flavors, and prolong our shelf life. Through fermentation you can turn underutilized, or nearly rotten, produce into delicious products. Have you met our good friend kohlrabi? She’s such an underappreciated vegetable–lacto-fermented kohlrabi (with just some garlic and additional herbs or spices) will open your eyes to the potential within the hidden vegetable world! For all you cold-season residents, we know you just want to hibernate and take it easy for the winter months. We do, too! So let cabbage hibernate with you (in your glass jar or crock). Massage us with salt and let the bacteria turn our carbohydrates into lactic acid and make our nutrients more bioavailable for you! It’s a win-win! Don’t forget the important saying phrase, “if it’s under the brine all is fine,” as you ferment your veggies. Anywho, thanks for thinking of us and taking the time to hear us out. We’ll be around for a few more months… just don’t come crawling back to us in February and March when you realize you forgot to turn autumn’s precious harvest into delicious kraut, kimchi, and pickles!

Your Friend,